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December 17th, 2011

HR 3035 - Robo-calls To Our Cell Phones To Be Allowed By Law

Our elected officials are giving us one hell of a Christmas present this year. They are planning on legalizing robo-calls to our cell phones. And they are doing it the same way the "good ole boys" have passed similar legislation in the past. Without public knowledge or input and under the table so no one knows about it. Those responsible for this assault on our privacy are Representative Lee Terry who obviously was paid off by the banks and credit collectors to introduce the bill. The co-sponsors who I am sure have also profited nicely from sponsoring the bill are Representatives Marsha Blackburn TN,  Phil Gingrey GA,  Leonard Lance NJ,  Blaine Luetkemeyer MO,  David B. McKinley WV,  Mick Mulvaney SC,  Pete Olson TX,  Mike J. Rogers MI and Edolphus Towns NY. They claim the bill will modernize the law on robo-calls to cell phones but in reality it removes protections against robo-calls from the law. The bill will allow "informational" robo-calls to cell phones, creates a business relationship exemption for every one we have done business with no matter how they obtained the cell number, redefines robo-dialer so it exempts all robo-dialers in use today and preempts all state laws on robo-dialers. The worst part is that there is no opt out! Once someone decides to robo-dial your cell phone with their "informational" calls there is no way to stop the robo-calls to your cell phone that you are paying for.

It is time to tell the "good ole boys" that their "business as usual" of the last few decades is over. Everyone that supports this bill must be voted out of office. They have been in Washington too long and have little or no respect for the people who put them in office.

HR 3035 Language and Status

Rumor has it that the bill was killed by Representative Lee Terry. At least he says he has by letter to the sub committee chairman. The current status hasn't changed. The bill could move forward as a rider on other legislation. Terry isn't posting much if anything on his web site about the bill.  Terry may have reconsidered his support of the bill after reading an opposition letter from 48 out of 50 State Attorneys General.

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