Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation Initiated
by Direct Link Inc.
d/b/a Live Link Technologies 
(caller ID 562-435-0042 doesn't accept incoming calls)

“Hi. This is Christina Dupree Paul Matthew’s assistant with The Lending Group. Please return my call 1-800-599-0235 extension 4010. Paul’s informed me that you are probably interested in our one and a quarter freedom loan. That’s a one point two five it is a thirty year mortgage and I want to let you know that I have already arraigned with at least three lenders of all have informed me that they are ready to pre-approve you and actually move the loan into processing. It’s very important that you call me back or should I say call Paul back as it looks like this loan is going to save you up to forty five percent on your monthly payments. Again my name is Christina Dupree Paul Matthew’s assistant at 1-800-599-0235 extension 4010.”