Transcript of
Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation Initiated
by Donald Henry Smith d/b/a D. H. Smith and Associates

"Hi, I'm Mike with DH Smith and Associates.  I'm calling about our new affordable cash burial plan to help you pay for any family member's final expenses as that unfortunate time arrives.  Our rates are affordable, and we can cover any member of your family from 18 days to 85 years, regardless of their health, whether it's good or bad, and even if they're in a nursing home.  During our special enrollment, there's no physical required, and only one month's premium necessary to get your plan started.
This is not health insurance.  It's a cash burial plan for final expenses. If you'd like to hear what we can do to help you pay for funeral expenses at a premium you can afford, please press the one key now."

"If you would like more prices and information about our family plan or our individual plan, at the tone, just leave your name, phone number, and the best time to call with your information."

"Thank you, and someone will contact you shortly with your information. And look--if this call's inconvenienced you in any way,  please accept our apologies, and you may call us at 713 455-1015 and we'd be happy to take your number out of our system.  Have yourself a pleasant day."