Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by Sound Media Group Inc.
On behalf of EBN Financial
a/k/a Satellite Direct a/k/a/ Precision Satellite

“Sharp with Precision Satellite, um sorry I missed you.  I was uh just calling to let you know that we’ll be in your area installing free satellite television systems and uh, we just came out with a great new promotion where you can get all your TV’s hooked up, all with separate receivers and remotes at no charge. Uh, that’s a savings of over a thousand dollars and uh there’s no cost to you for the equipment or to install it, and we’re also gonna give you up to five months of programming credit for free as well and we offer more channels than cable, uh commercial free music, and also now included is your local channels for your area so, uh start watching what you want uh when you want to and at a cost in most cases that’s less than the cost of cable.  So, um give us a call when you get home.  Uh, you can reach us at 800-450-0651 and uh make sure to reference promotion number uh PR 651.  Beg to hear from ya.  Bye”