Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by Stephen Wharton Chenoweth d/b/a
Marketing Networks

“Hello. This call is part of the cold weather tune up program for central heating and air conditioning systems. If your home system hasn’t been professionally inspected and prepared for the weather ahead, please take a few seconds to hear this special offer by pressing the nine key on your telephone. Just press nine.”

 Nine key tone.

 “Thank you. Intercontinental Service Company is your local heating and air conditioning specialist and we just want you to know that tuning up your heating and air conditioning system and making any repairs and adjustments that may be necessary can save you hundreds of dollars in the next few months. Our technicians work quickly and efficiently to make you get the maximum heating and cooling comfort at the lowest possible cost. The service is very affordably priced and is offered by a licensed, bonded and insured local business with a great reputation for quality service and a long list of references. If you may be interested in this inspection and tune up service, you can request more information at no cost or obligation. To do so first please state your name and spell your last name after this tone. Tone”

 “Now please state your home or work telephone number and the best time to reach you there after this tone. Tone”

 “Thank you for your time and interest. We will be back in touch at the time you specified.”