Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation Initiated by
Stephen Wharton Chenoweth

“Hello. Our records show that you are overpaying your mortgage. Because of this, you have qualified to reduce your home loans effective interest rate to six percent or lower, to be mortgage free up to ten years early and to save thousands of dollars in interest charges. For details on your pre-approval for this program, please press the nine key on your telephone or you may press the one key if you wish to be added to our do not call list. Press nine now to hear more.”

nine key tone

“Thank you. This is not a solicitation. It is to provide you free information on how you may lower your current interest rate. This mortgage program is the simple and fast way to cut years off your mortgage and save thousands of dollars in interest by simply lowering your rate to the lowest possible rate available. All credit categories are accepted, from perfect to bad and there are only a few papers to sign. The effective interest rate of your mortgage will drop to close to six percent and you’ll be mortgage free years early and you’ll save from thirty to sixty percent in interest charges. You can request a free savings analysis and more information at no cost or obligation and find out why thousands of homeowners are now using this mortgage program. For details on how much you can save and how soon you can be mortgage free first please state your name and spell your last name after this tone. Tone. Now please state phone or work telephone number and the best time to reach you there after this tone. Tone. Thank you for your time and your interest in the mortgage program. We’ll be back in touch soon.”