Transcript of
Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation Initiated
by or on behalf of Inc.

“Could you use an additional income? Our company is looking for a special kind of person.”

Today there’s an exciting seductive way for creative people to earn a good second income at their home while keeping their present job. To see if this opportunity may be right for you please answer the following questions by pressing the one key on your phone for a yes answer and the two key for a no answer. Question one: Would an additional six hundred to one thousand dollars a month help you accomplish some of your personal goals? Remember one for yes and two for no.”

“Question two: Could you devote six to ten hours a week work with one of our staff members from your home? Remember one for yes and two for no.”

“Question three: In order to evaluate this position with our company would you like to receive free with no obligation our company overview in the mail or via fax? Remember one for yes and two for no.”

“Hello this is Mister Day and I’m on the executive board of the company. We’re going to sign off with you here in just a second, I just wanted to let you know this is truly a great opportunity for you to earn a good second income from your home with absolutely no selling working with one of my staff members. Please take the time to evaluate this opportunity with our local person. In order that this information gets to the proper person would you please state your full name and spell your last name after the tone. Tone”

In order to get your correct mailing address would you please give us the best phone number to contact you and the best time to call? Tone”

“Thank you. One of our human resource personnel will be contacting you then.