Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by ABC Home Professionals Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

“Hi, this is Rick. A few months ago…”


 “…I had my wife call you and I don’t think she got to speak with you. That’s the reason I am calling you now…”


“See about nine months ago ah myself and my two sons, ah we started our own carpet cleaning business, ah we clean carpets and upholstery, and ah we’re kind ah having a little hard time staying busy. We ah we are all certified, we’ve got a lot of experience. I’ve personally have cleaned carpet for 18 years. And ah my sons now have cleaned carpet for oh four to five years now...”

Excuse me

“…and ah that’s the reason I wanted to speak with you. Ah if you’ve got any carpet or upholstery cleaning needs that ah we might be able to ah assist you with ah we would like the opportunity too. Ah our rates are way below ah what other competitors would be and ah we do guaranty all of our service and ah one hundred percent in writing. And ah again, if you have any needs for carpet cleaning uhm you can press 8 on your phone and it will transfer through the system ah directly to…”

Pressed 8

“Thank you. Now if you need to be taken off of our calling list and not called back in the future please press 2 and ask for Don. Or if you would like to talk to use about our services please press 3 and hold. Thank you.”

Pressed 3

“Please hold your call is being transferred.”