Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by Cornerstone Marketing of American
On Behalf of Alliance for Affordable Services

Hello, Hello

“Hello, we would like to mail you some free information at no cost or obligation concerning affordable health insurance. You probably know or have heard of someone that has been financially wiped out because of doctor and hospital bills due to inadequate coverage or no health insurance. Many Americans are not adequately covered.”


“In most cases are paying too much for their health coverage. Whether you are self-employed or work for an employer that does not provide quality health insurance, an affordable alternative is now available to you through the Alliance for Affordable Health Care, an A excellent rated company. If you would like to receive free information in the mail, at no cost or obligation, on how to protect you and your family, please press the 9 key on your phone after the tone. Again, after the tone press the 9 key or this call will disconnect. -- Tone -- ”

Pressed 9

“Thank you, the Alliance for Affordable Services program allows you to continue with the doctors and hospitals of your choice worldwide. But best of all you can never be singled out for a rate increase and never be cancelled.”


“If you would like to receive this information on how you can best protect your family and yourself at a price that you can afford, please give me your name and please spell your last name after this tone. -- Tone -- ”

Sam Jackson -- J_A_C_K_S_O_N (code name used for this particular call)

“Now a home or work phone number and the best time to call after this tone. -- Tone -- ”

281-XXX-XXXX -- after five

“Thank you, we will be calling you soon.”

---- Total length of prerecorded telephone solicitation is approximately 2 minutes ----