Transcript Of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by C-Thru Sunrooms & Windows Inc.

Hello, Hello

“Hello, this is Toni from C-thru Sunrooms & Windows.”


“If you ever wanted to add on a sunroom, patio room, screen room or a patio cover, now is your chance to take advantage of our biggest discount ever. This month you’ll save 40 to 50 percent…”


“…on sunrooms, patio rooms, screen rooms and patio covers. C-Thru Sunrooms is your local expert on these great home improvements. So if you have been thinking about adding a sunroom, patio room, screen room or patio cover and would like a nice low price and a free estimate from the most respected company in town, please press the 9 key on your phone to hear this short message. Just press 9 now”

Pressed 9

“Thank you. This is a one time discount offer of 40 to 50 percent off our regular low price.”


“The added value to your home will be twice what you paid for it from the first day. Our easy financing plan and low monthly payments will fit any budget. And we also have 10 percent cash discounts and 10 percent senior citizen discounts. If you’d like more information or to arrange for a free estimate from C-Thru Sunrooms, first please state your name and spell your last name after this tone.”


Bill Davis – D_A_V_I_S (code name used for this particular call)

“Thank you for your time and interest. We’ll be back in touch at the time you specified.”