Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by Direct Data USA

“Hi, a local automobile dealer has selected you to be pre-approved for a new car or truck. That’s right…”


“Approved. Bad credit, good credit, bankruptcy, repossession, it really doesn’t matter. With your job and a minimal down payment, you can be driving a new car or truck today. We have helped thousands of others. We can help you too.”


“Start the pre-approval process now by pressing 9 on your telephone keypad to be connected to the next available operator. Or call Kelly in the Autopro Finance department toll free at 877 380 9539. This is a limited time opportunity and you must take action now. Again, my toll free number is 877 380 9539 or press 9 now to be connected to the next available operator. Don’t delay call today. You can be driving that new or pre-owned vehicle sooner than you think. Here’s my toll free number again…”

Connected to live telemarketer.