Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by or on behalf of Dish Activation Inc.

“Uh, Hey, it’s Ted from Customer Service.  We’ve been trying to reach you to arrange the installation of your new, uh, Direct TV satellite system.  Says here that all the cost of your equipment and, uh, deliveries been paid pre-paid.  Let’s see, looks like your getting, uh, 3 direct TV satellite receivers, a mini-dish and 3 free months of HBO.  Uh, your professional installation has also been, uh, paid for.  So, the total cost to you is a big fat zero.  Probably either a gift or you may have been referred by somebody.  Anyway, give me a call and we will get your system hooked up here.  The number is toll free 1-866-472-8702.  Thanks.”