Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by or on behalf of
Victor R. Aguirre d/b/a Financial Success-Texas
a/k/a Financial Success

 “Hello do you need immediate cash to pay back taxes or consolidate high interest credit card debt and have lower monthly payments? How about combining a first and second mortgage or having your taxes and insurance included with your mortgage note? Would that be a benefit to you? If you answer yes a home equity or refinancing loan is the solution. Give us a call at 713-975-7578 and one of our affiliates will answer your questions. Don’t wait any longer. Lock your rate before it’s too late. If you have perfect credit or less than perfect credit, we can help. Our affiliates are friendly and easy to work with. If your current rate is nine point five percent or higher call for the interest rate reduction program. Our affiliates also process purchase money loans. For more details at no cost or obligation call us at 713-975-7578 or please press the one key on your telephone now. Just press one.”

One key press

“Thank you. Next please state your name, your home or work telephone number and the best time to reach you after the tone. Here’s is your tone. Tone”

“Thanks again for your time. If you have requested additional information, a friendly representative will be contacting you soon. Good bye for now.”