Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation Initiated by or on Behalf of
Health Plans LLC

“Do you want to save up to twenty-five percent and more on your health care services? Hi my name is Richard and I’m calling you to help off-set the high cost of health care while keeping your family on the road to good health. You can receive significant savings for you and your dependents on health care services everyone can use in one low cost comprehensive health program. There are no restrictions, limits on savings, pre-existing condition limitations or waiting periods. You can receive substantial savings on hospital and doctor visits with additional benefits such as five thousand dollars of accidental injury protection, disability income protection, dental, vision and even up to sixty-five percent off prescription drugs. Now I understand how today’s health care system does and does not work for families. So my mission is to help them stretch their health care dollars by offering a plan that provides quality medical care and savings of up to twenty-five and more. This innovative health care program can save members thousands of dollars each and every year. So call Health Plans now to learn more about our program. Call 866-747-9898. That’s 866-747-9898.”