Transcript of Prerecorded telephone Solicitation Initiated by
National Consumer Council on behalf of
Liberty Financial Group and Financial Rescue Services

"This is Jeffrey Caldwell with the National Consumer Council at 1-800-990-3990. I'm calling in regard to your consumer credit cards and the high interest rates that they carry. Your record is now in our database and we would be able to cut your monthly payments in half. Interest rates are extremely low now and as a matter of fact the prime rate is currently at four point two five percent. Finally it’s lower than five. So just think of how much money you could save by getting out from under those cards. We’ll help you no matter what your current situation is. So I encourage you to call us here at the NCC. We are a non-profit organization and we are formed to help consumers just like yourself. There will be no charge for any advice that we give you yet we will show you how to be debt free. So please call the council at 1-800-990-3990. Thank you."