Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by New Age  Satellite and Security Company Inc.


“Hello, This is New Age Systems, a Protection 1 authorized dealer. If you are willing to place a simple yard sign…”


“stating that your home is protected by Protection 1, we will provide you with a state of the art security system and a free DSS satellite system at no charge for the equipment or installation. Our security system will provide your family with peace of mind while you’re at home or away.  All we ask you to do is simply take care of the monthly monitoring fee 24 hours of protection from burglary or medical emergency.”

“If you are a business, condo or home owner, and want quick details at no cost or obligation, just simply press the nine key on your telephone now.”

Pressed nine.

“Thank you. First, please state your first and last name and please spell your last name.”


Cleve Johanson (code name for this particular call)

 “Next, please state your home or work phone number and the best time for us to reach you.”


281-XXX-XXXX after five.

“Thanks again for your time. If you have requested additional information, a friendly representative will be contacting you soon. Goodbye for now.”

Line is disconnected