Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by New Age Satellite And Security Company Inc.


“Hello, this is New Age Security Houston’s number one residential and business security company. With the great status with the Better Business Bureau, our number one goal is to offer reliable and affordable system to you. As low as nineteen ninety five a month, our system will allow you to arm, disarm and use a panic release outside or inside your home or business with our wireless remote control. We also offer a system where if your phone line is cut, it will still send a wireless signal to our monitoring station. We’ll provide a life time warranty, up to 20 percent discount on your insurance, a free move certificate and local monitoring with a call response time of under thirty seconds. Now if you want more information, go ahead press one on your phone now and if we have not convinced you that we are the best security company around and you have an alarm by another company test your system out, set it off and see if they call you in under thirty seconds and if they don’t call us at New Age Security two eight one five nine one six three four five because a good burglar is in and out within three minutes. Thank you”