Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation Initiated by or on Behalf of
Onesetprice Inc.

“Hello um sorry I missed you I was sort a hoping to catch you Hi my name is David and I’m one of the co-founders of a company which is going to be coming in to your area next weekend to hold a private presentation to introduce our product to local people. We are looking for distributors to be part directly with our company with no out of pocket expense to them and actual be up and generating income in the next forty five days. It’s a real business not network marketing. It’s a business where you can enjoy your time, your freedom and spend some time with your family but at the same time be generating an income with residual income for the future. So if you are serious about starting a business, give us a call. The presentation is free. There’s nothing you can purchase from the presentation. You can leave your check books and credit cards at home. Give us a call to reserve a seat for you and your guest at 800-729-8835 and we will get a package out to let you know where the presentation is being held. Once again that number is 800-729-8835. Look forward to hearing from you.”