Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by Blue World Technologies Inc.
on behalf of OneSetPrice Inc. a/k/a IMG

(caller ID "OUT OF AREA" - 03/10/04)

“This is Christiana and I’m the national marketing director for IMG. I wanted to call and invite you to a private presentation that’s going to be in your area for the first time. I was hoping to catch you at home but I’ll go ahead and reference the number you can call to listen to all the details. We are launching a new product and we have a factory presentation and a hand’s on demonstration where you can be the first one in your area to learn about this new product. We are looking for a few individuals that are seriously thinking about changing their life styles. Maybe you are already in business and are just interested in creating a business on the side which takes two to four hours a month. Maybe you want to retire earlier or you just have a strong desire to be financially independent. Our presentation is free there is no sales pitch of any kind so leave your checkbooks and credit cards at home. We will even give you and your guest a free gift for coming to hear more. Go ahead and call 1-800-315-6809 where you can listen to all the details. Again the number is 1-800-315-6809 and you will be able to learn more. Thank you so much and we look forward to talking to you.”

(1 minute and 7 seconds)