Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by Robert Gill

Hello, Hello

“Are you paying to much for health insurance? We are saving folks just like you up to 60 percent or more on their health insurance.


“…portion is unintelligible …prescription drug options available with our program. Just press the 9 key on your telephone now for more information. Again just press 9, or this call will disconnect."

Pressed 9

“Thank you. Now I know that everyone has told you that they have the best prices and the best coverage in the world. We’ll let you judge for yourself because we really do. Group rates that only large corporations could enjoy are now available for individuals, small business and the self employed."


“If you’d like more information at no cost or obligation, please pronounce and spell your first and last name after this tone.”


Phil Atlee (code name for this particular call)

“Now please state your age and your home or work phone number and the best time to reach you after this tone.”


281-XXX-XXXX, after 5

“Thanks again for your time. We’ll be in touch soon to help you save money on your health insurance. Goodbye for now.”