Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by American Health Insurance


“Are you tired of your health insurance rates going up?”


“Just looking for a good quality health plan at affordable rates? If your answer is yes than we can help. We have 5 million dollar major medical plans with co-pays starting as low as 10 dollars per office visit.”


“Top rated insurance companies at surprisingly affordable rates. If you would like a free no obligation quote, press the 1 key on your touch-tone phone now. Or if you would like your phone number removed from our database press the 2 key. For a quote please press 1 now.”

1 key tone

“Thank you. At the sound of the tone please leave your name and a daytime telephone number so one of our agents can call you back. Tone”

Don Schrader 281-XXX-XXX, after 5 (code name used for this call)

“Okay, we have the information we need and will be contacting you soon.”