Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated By or On Behalf of
Vavro, McDonald, Kennedy & Associates LLC
d/b/a Sun Country Travel

“Hello? I think I must have got your answering machine. Shoot! Ah this is Eugene Lock with Impress on behalf of Sun Country Travel in Houston. It’s Monday and I was really hoping to catch you folks at home because I’m leaving town for a few days and I have a number of people I need to notify before I leave. The reason I’m calling there was an entry form for our PT cruiser give away and it had your number on it. Now sorry you didn’t win the cruiser however you have been selected to receive round trip air fare and deluxe hotel accommodations for two adults to Las Vegas.  Now just in case you are wondering there is no purchase required or no time share presentation nothing like that but I do have to apologize because I can only hold this thing until Sunday night. Now I’m going to be out of town for a few days but my assistant can help you so call me back now we can get you set and you will be on your way to Las Vegas on us. Oh and I almost forgot the confirmation number very important ah 793 again that number 793 and my telephone number is 1-800-470-0858. Thanks a lot and you folks have a good day”