Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated on behalf of Time Warner Cable
(February  2003)

Terri Polo: Hi this is Terri Polo, you may remember me as Pam, Ben Stiller’s girlfriend in “Meet the Parents”.  I’m calling with some exciting news: Friday, February 7, Time Warner Cable begins airing Hallmark Channel.  Just in time for the premier of my brand new movie, “Straight from the Heart”, which premiers Sunday, February 9th.   “Straight from the Heart” also stars Andrew McCarthy and Greg Evergone. I hope you enjoy my movie.

Male Voice:  So tune to Channel 70, Time Warner Cable for the Sunday February 9th premier of  “Straight from the Heart” exclusively on Hallmark Channel.  For more information, call Time Warner at 713-341-1000.