Transcript of Prerecorded telephone Solicitation
Initiated by James J. Lajudes
d/b/a Texas Planning Associates

“Hello this is an opportunity for seniors who want major discounts on brand name drugs. Texas Planning Associates at 713-973-1666 is offering a savings up to fifty percent discounts on brand name drugs each month at no cost to you for a trial basis for six months. Imagine saving hundreds of dollars a month with this fifty percent offering on all major drugs free for six months. No longer will you have to pay high dollars for brand name drugs. You’re entitled to these savings under the US Congress Savings Act for Consumer Rights. You’ll receive in addition a twenty-four hour emergency alert and discounts on eye exams and eye wear at participating stores. To hear more about this major drug discount program please press the one key now. [one key tone]  Thank you Texas Planning Association has been a better business bureau member company since nineteen eighty three. For the past twenty years we have worked with a team of attorneys that specialize in asset protection planning as well as educating seniors on smart food and strategies. To receive this free information please state your name and mailing address including zip code after the tone. [tone] Thank you again for your time and interest. We will get this important information to you as soon as possible. Good bye for now.”