Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by Haesly Retail Services Inc. d/b/a Walker Hearing Center

“Hello, I’m calling about a major breakthrough in helping people who have hearing problems. If you or a family member have a hearing loss or other problems, please listen to this brief message about a possible solution. A new hearing instrument has been perfected, which is helping thousands of people and their families to cope with hearing problems.”


“It takes full advantage of digital technology to provide exceptional clarity and it’s so small that it fits almost invisibly in the ear. It’s also programmable so that each wearer has the perfect setting to deal with their individual hearing problem. If you or a family member need help dealing with a hearing loss or other problem, your invited to request more information at absolutely no cost or obligation.”


“To receive complete details, please just press the 1 key on your telephone to leave your name and telephone number and we will be back in touch. Again please press 1 on your phone to leave your name and telephone number.”

Pressed 1

“Begin recording your message at the tone. To end, press star or simply hang up.”


“Thank you very much for your time and interest and goodbye for now.”