Transcript of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by Mike & Doris Walker on behalf of
Herbalife International

Hello…   Hello…

“Hello, we are doing a search in your area for people who would like to earn full or part time income working from home.”


“If you would like to receive further information, after the tone please press one otherwise we will automatically disconnect.”


 “Please wait for the tone and press one. Tone and one key tone. In the last twelve months, we have shown literally thousands of people across the United States how to work from home.”


“Now it’s your turn. If you have one hour a day, you can earn up to five hundred to twenty five hundred dollars a month without interfering with what you are presently doing. The more hours you have the more money you can earn. . If you are honest and teachable and would like to start working from home, we are presently looking for twenty five to fifty people in your area to train in the next ninety days.”


“To receive our free work from home booklet in the mail to see if this is right for you after the tone please leave your name, address and phone number and please speak clearly and spell out everything or call our toll free number at one eight eight eight two four eight four five four seven. Your free booklet will be mailed to you within forty eight hours. Again, please leave your name, address and phone number after the tone. Tone.+

Well ah…

“Thank you. You can immediately find out more about us on the world wide web by going to again that’s Make sure to look for our work from home booklet in the mail. There will be training in your area within the next thirty days. We look forward to helping you change what the next ninety days holds for you. Thank you very much and have a great day.”

Click and dial tone