Transcript Of Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation
Initiated by and Representing Windows America

“Hello. This is a public service announcement. You may qualify to reduce your energy bill by over…”


“…60%. If you are a homeowner, you may qualify to have your builder grade windows replaced with double insulated windows for the lowest guaranteed price in Houston.”


“Any size window installed for $299.00 and we guaranty in writing the savings created through our energy savings windows…”


“…will pay for this replacement. This means you can have your windows replaced and it ends up costing you nothing. This is guaranteed by the Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce member Windows America. If you currently have regular builder grade windows and you are the homeowner, you can schedule a free in home evaluation to see if you qualify for this special program. Please press the 9 key on your phone now to find out how you can participate in this special program. Again press 9 now.”

Pressed 9

“This is a one time offer that expires by the end of this month. To receive free information and to register to see if you qualify, please leave your name and would you spell your last name after the tone. Tone”

John Sullivan (Code name for this particular call)

“Now what is your mailing address including your zip code?”


“And finally, what is your phone number and the best time to contact you?”


“Thank you. I’ll see that you receive this free information soon. Have a great day.”